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Learning Links

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Language Arts Related:


Fun poetry to read!


Test problem solving skills


Language Arts


Cliff Notes


General or Multi Topic Sites: (I have trouble getting home page with Explorer, but works fine with Netscape

This site has a list of the top ten sites for kids each month and an archive of sites for the past two years.>


SOL practice

and grade specific skills





Highly Recommended Web Based Projects!


Riverside Unified School District




Geography, Social Studies and History:


Learn something new about ALL 50 STATES!


This site has excellent maps and information about countries.


The US Constitution


Underground Railroad


Multicultural Resources


Virtual Tour of South America


Social Issues





Fun math games.


Here is a new math site.


Practice your math facts here


Fun Math Site


Moneyopolis: Students have their own log in.


A Math Program


Saxon Placement Tests


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives





Astronomy for Kids:


This is a science site which you can review simple machines and other

science topics.



Science Site, still expanding



Missouri Botanical Gardens- Biomes of the World


Science--This SIMPLE MACHINES site has pictures that students have sent in as

examples of the various simple machines. Can you find more?


Science--This SIMPLE MACHINES site includes an interactive quiz following an

explanation of the different types of simple machines.

the great bird count project

very cool information


The Cell


Biology Links (Dissection et al)


Public Library of Science (Technical, for High School level and above)




Nature Study (Charlotte Mason Style)



Crafts et al.




Simple Soapstone sculptures





Music Education










Classical Guitar



(Make sure to utilize the free section)


Guitar Lessons




Various lessons




Folk Music




Kids Cakes


Kids Cooking


Kids Cooking links




Agricultural Lesson Plans


Lots of AG Subjects



Gifted Related


Defining Gifted


Mensa Arcade


Parent Resources




John Taylor Gatto Underground History of American Education (ebook)


The Original Homeschooling Series
by Charlotte M. Mason (ebook





Toys and Furniture






Childrens Theatre


Play Scripts


Theatre Zone


General Parenting


Preschool Stuff


Fun Online Games


VHEA Preschool Links


A lot of neat sites for the younger kids!


Some Great Lesson Plans


Little Explorers Interactive Dictionary


State Library of Queensland Under 5s


Up to Ten (Home of Boowa & Kwala)






Access Excellence- National Health Museum


Internet 4 Classrooms

Saxon Placement Guide Tests

Teach-nology Links

Web Based Projects (Really cool stuff)

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