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Senny Day School Philosophy

I believe that children need to have a safe and engaging environment to reach thier true potential. A daycare center offers the learning opportunities that children need, but lacks the homelike comfort that instills feelings of safety and peace.

Finding home daycare that satisfies the comfort needs and the educational needs of a child is exceptionally difficult. As a working mother, I longed to have an environment full of the joyful activities I desire for my son, and I have made it my mission to provide that environment to him and a few other children.
I strive to include lots of hands on and interactive fun. Songs, dancing, fingerplays, stories, and arts and crafts are all emphasized and encouraged. Various activities are planned to exercise gross motor skills as well. The children have learning centers to utilize during free play which includes, blocks and manipulatives, the book corner, domestic play, music center, and the toy room.

I believe that children can not learn if they are treated unfairly. I will never yell at children and time outs will be given for misbehavior. One minute per year of childs age. (i.e. 2 year old = 2 minutes). I will not punish children for temper tantrums. I feel that when children lose control they should be calmly brought back to a responsive level and then given the opportunity to make the right decision.

Our Employees

I am certified first aid and adult CPR. I have not been certified for infant and children CPR, but will soon be taking the certification course.

My decision to start home daycare is based on my desire to build my life around my true passion, which is to give care and guidance to children. I will be homeschooling my son and I hold a firm belief that children should develop a love of learning as early as possible. If they learn to be curious, and thoughtful, inquisitive and bold, they will carry that with them all of their lives. Confident learners are such an asset to all of us, and I strive to help the children in my care become unique and happy learners

About Us

My husband and I have been married for 8 years.  I have a 16 month old son, Michael, as well as a stepson and daughter Nicholas and Rachel.  We have two horses, 3 dogs,  5 cats, and 25 chicks, which will grow into laying hens.  We have a pond on our property and enjoy fishing.  We are currently working on building a fenced playyard for the children so that they have a nice secure playyard. This is necessary, because our horses are enclosed with electric fencing, and though it can not seriously injure a child, it would be extremely painful!  Our playyard should be complete by August 1st.
I also enjoy Miniatures and dollhouses, and I have amassed quite a collection!  When you see my work, you will have no doubt that I have an extremely high level of patience!
I am originally from New Jersey, but I have lived in Virginia for 15 years, and married a local!  My husbands family has owned this property for three generations.  My husband is an avid fisherman, and golfer.  So I have a lot of free weekends!

Senny Day School, 2804 Craigs Store Road, Afton, Va 22920