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305 Senny Court - 1970 something! a work in progress....
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Looking backward...

History of My Hobby

Oh my poor poor mother!  She only wanted to breed and show her Shelties. When I was five I asked her vehemently "Why can't you be like a REAL mom!!!!".  My friends mother had the coolest dollhouse!  That is what a mother should do.  Not these stinky dogs!  Well, time went on, and I forgot about mini's for a while, but it is in my blood.
My great grandfather was a miniaturist, and so am I.

My Background

My first house was a Greenleaf Canterbury.  I still have not finished it, but it is almost completely on its way to being a Newfoundland Fishermans Home.  I was also given a large victorian with a Mansard roof from my local library, which I will be working on for quite some time!
I am most interested in period furniture, and I like working with wood.
If you are not into mini's you need to understand one componant of the hobby.  Your options are limitless when it comes to mediums, you can do clay, sewing, woodwork, painting, designing, etc.
Because I am often and easily bored with the same old thing, this allows me to skip around yet still work towards completion of a project.  I have not found anything else quite as satisfying!